When I first saw that Nubatama, and their kin Murakumo, were going to be absorbed into Dragon Nation my initial thought was that the ninja dragons would be overrun by those of fire and lightning. I figured the dinosaurs would be as well. However, with the spoiling of Convoy Stealth Dragon, Hayashikaze there has appeared a spark of hope out of the darkness from whence they came.

As an abyss dragon, it is fitting that this new sentinel would be as such. Like Stealth Dragon, Utsuroi from the G-era of Nubatama, we find our perfect guard to once again be within a G1 slot. However, it is no surprise, unlike Utsuroi, Hayashikaze is a generic G1 PG on the surface (more on this below). It is within the trial deck line after all. Of note, the power of 7k is that of V-era, unlike the base 6k found in BT01 through all of G-era. While some numbers appear to be reset to G-era and before, this is one that has carried over from V-era.

Upon closer reading, our own Ahmes004 points out that the clause of activation is “when placed”, rather than “when placed from hand” that some other perfect guards have. This may seem an easily forgettable detail, but there is a catch. Not requiring to be called from hand means that the unit can be superior called to the guardian circle, and still use its perfect guard effect. For example, the Murakumo G Guardian Shishiyuzuki may call this card to the guardian circle to be utilized as such.

The artwork of this card is fantastic. It is both playful in color scheme, similar to that for V-era Tsumujibashou, as well as intricate to the last detail with shimenawa as also displayed within, when compared to the likes of the artwork for both G and V-era Fuurai. The flowing mane of hair is in the style of Fuzencongo. The skin tone, talons, and hand gesture is reminiscent of G-era Shiranui, Oboro.

This card should be welcomed by all abyss dragon players alike, both Murakumo and Nubatama, if not solely in that it represents the aesthetic we appreciate most in the world of Cardfight!!! Vanguard.  May Hayashikaze guard the house of all Dragon Empire players within the ancient spirit of Zashikihime.

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