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This started back in July 2020, at least I can say I finished this article with the release of the set in English…


Bang Dream! is a multimedia franchise project under Bushiroad. It started in 2015 with only 3 members in Poppin’ Party. Currently in 2021 there are 7 total bands active, with 6 of them featured in this Collaboration set

Main Mechanic

Bang Dream is a Force clan and have unique Order cards, Music. These cards are based on each band’s music and also synergise with said band. The vocalist of each band will be on the Vanguard, as the main Grade 3 Vanguard of each deck. The other members are supporting cards to help with the main skills of each bands’ deck.

Music Cards

Order cards is the mechanic introduced in 2020 in Vanguard. Order cards can only be played once every turn and for Bang Dream, these (music) Order cards will be placed on the rearguard circle behind the Vanguard Circle and moved into the drop zone at the end of the turn. These Order cards have grades, which can only be played if the Vanguard is of the same grade or above.

A quick example of where the music order is placed when played

Draw Sentinel

Everyone made it to the Best Stage!

The Draw Sentinel for the clan. 1 important note that it does not have a band and will not count for any effects within the bands this card is in. However, as a draw Sentinel, it is still useful as it can perfect guard any attacks .

Click on the band names below to go to each individual band

Kirakira Dokidoki shimas~

Everything will be the same as always

Hi, We are, Pastel*Palettes

Are you ready to devote your everything to Roselia?

Coming Soon

Raise A Suilen

Are you ready to rock?


Bang Dream Wikia and Cardfight Vanguard Wikia for photos, album and missing knowledge sources. and Cipher for motivating me to finish this article.

When it started….
When I finished…

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