Hi amigos, these past few days Bushiroad has revealed the deck lists of all of the starter decks! Only the names are shown and we’ll be seeing the skills as they keeping revealing news. Let’s take some time in this article to point out some interesting things that can help us speculate for the future!

The Deck List

Right off the back we notice some key things:

  • The names of certain units
  • 4 G3s only
  • 15 G2 units
  • 2 G2 Order Cards
  • G1 PGs

The Names of Certain Units

Notice that a majority of the cards have Sylvan Horned Beast in their names. Most of these cards are the ones we’ve seen the art from. So we can see they look more of a Great Nature aesthetic.

But what about some of the odd ones?

Seizing Slash Mutant, Bruslash

This name hints more towards something from Megacolony. So does this mean that the artwork may be more like from Megacolony? Like a bug looking unit?

It’s plausible and I do look forward to if they have those aesthetics mixed in early on already.

Looting Petal Stomalia

This one has looting and petal in the name! If I were to take a guess, I’d say it would have a combined aesthetic from Granblue and Neo Nectar!

I’d like to see more combined aesthetics within the units themselves! I can imagine this being a flowery female that has some pirate like features.

Hopeful Maiden, Alejandra

This I feel it’s 100% from Neo Nectar! There’s not much to the name that we can speculate if there’s another clan aesthetic to it.

Knight of Friendship, Cyrus

Hmm, this one I’m honestly a bit stumped…..

The name itself is more of a Paladin type of name and Cyrus refers to the Sun as well. But no Paladin clans were moved into Stoicheia. Those units went to Keter Sanctuary….

I wonder if they’ll throw in units with aesthetics from other Nations as a few quantity. After 3000 years, it’s fair to assess more clans/nations have mixed throughout more than we initially expected. What are your guys’ thoughts?

4 G3s only

Sylvan Horned Beast, Magnolia is our only G3 in this starter deck! I think it’s a good thing because we have the Ride deck now.

We’re guaranteed to ride Magnolia and I’ve wondered what about the other 3 copies? Are they just for the Persona Ride?

My hope is that the G3s also have a RC skill and we may see that with this nation. Furthermore, it gives us more room for G2s and G1s.

15 G2 units?!

That’s actually more than prior starter decks in the past. So this excites me the most for a big reason!

That reason is that Stoicheia seems that it’ll still be a RG-centric type of Nation! Why does this excite me the most? Glad you asked!

When it comes to RG-centric decks, there are benefits to it:

  • Most of the time your G2s and G1s are the MVP cards in a deck.
    • It allows for your G3 to be different in some cases but still benefit from the same G2s and G1s
    • Or new G2s and G1s can benefit older G3s
  • Deck building becomes more stimulating.
    • It allows players to try a more variety of builds
    • The big picture (Winning Image) becomes more important on how to figure out your ratios
    • There’s more lines of play to discover and explore

Also, in most RG-centric decks, the G2s tend to do the most work. So it’s great to have more G2s as options this early on.

G2 Order Cards

It seems that Order cards are still going to be a thing moving forward with D Format! We have no idea what Call to the Beasts would even do! I do have some speculation thoughts.

It can call multiple G2s onto the field at once

As a RG-centric type of deck, we would appreciate any advantage gaining skills. It would be awesome if this card can call our G2s from other zones such as Deck or Drop zone. It seems fitting for the name too.

It stays onto the field and acts like a Yu-Gi-Oh! Field Spell

Vanguard Insider eluded to this possibility in his video regarding the Order card for Brandt Gate (Galaxy Central Prison, Galactolus).

Having a card that can give continued benefit sounds like a good thing in Vanguard. Perhaps once per turn, you can superior call a G2 from Deck or Drop zone. I think that’s fair as a starting field card. Plus, on the turn you use it, you would break even in usable advantage (the field card does nothing else so the new called card can do something). After that turn, it’ll be a +1 in field advantage every turn.

Feel free to check out his video on his thoughts from the deck lists:

G1 PGs

It’s expected to see G1 PGs in trial/starter decks but I’m hoping our triggers can still serve as our Sentinel cards moving forward.

Our PG Draws and Critical 30k Sentinels were great to have because it gave us more room in the G1s for useful units.

I’m hoping to see PG Draws again at least. I know from experience that a clan like Aqua Force really appreciated that extra room in the G1 slots.

Final Thoughts

This is cool that we get to at least see the names for these starter decks! I feel Bushiroad did this on purpose to have us speculate and get more excited for overDress!

Oddly enough, there wasn’t any unit’s name that signaled a potential Aqua Force aesthetic. Perhaps we may not see a clan’s aesthetic in every set. What are your guys’ thoughts so far? Do you have any speculations? I definitely would love to hear them!

As more news for Stoicheia comes out, I’ll keep on writing content like this to cover it! So more to come soon! I can’t wait to do Card Spotlights for Stoicheia!

Thanks again for reading and till next time amigos! See ya!

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