Hi amigos, today is an exciting day and we finally get to see the main ride cards from the Megumi starter deck! Let’s dive into it!

The New Cards

First, let’s start with both the G1 and G2!


  • Charis can +1 on field or +1 in Soul
    • These are two useful resources to use for our Winning Image
  • Charis’ back row skill gives it +5k to become a 13k attacker (which hits G3 VGs)
  • Lattice can +1 on field or +1 in Hand
  • Lattice’s back row skill gives it +10k to become a 20k attacker (also hits G3 VGs)
  • As you ride these from the Ride deck, you’re guaranteed on gaining resources in (field, Soul, and/or Hand)
    • It’s definitely appreciated coming from the original clans and it seems to go to a RG-centric Winning Image


  • Soul can become an issue over time

Both Charis and Lattice has a back row skill! Will we be able to attack from the back row somehow?

Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia


  • Enables multi attack
  • The first G3 turn we can do 4 attacks
  • The Persona Ride turn we can do up to 6 attacks!
    • Persona Ride also gives your front row +10k


  • Piece reliant on making an effective multi attack turn
  • Damage checked triggers can hurt our multi attack strategy
  • Susceptible to removal skills such as retire, bind, lock, etc.

Wow, so we’re already having back row attackers for Stoicheia! As mentioned in the prior article, a lot of the cards’ names in the starter deck didn’t reveal much about an Aqua Force aesthetic. However, this skill is definitely Aqua Force aesthetic!

overDress D Format Impact

We’re still just getting reveals but we can already see that our deck with have an advantage in multi attack. We’ve seen in the past that multi attack decks tend to have a stronger Winning Image.

Furthermore, we have an advantage going first. While our opponent is at G2 still, we can still do 4 attacks. Then follow up with a strong Persona Ride turn with 6 attacks.

I’m excited to see the remaining cards in the deck! We have to wait and see how the rest of the deck will flesh out.

Also worth noting, Solemn Vanguard pointed out there were triggers that may have some text that contain skill effects or reminder text. So there’s a possibility that we may see triggers with skills. It would be great to see that and makes triggers playable combo pieces.

Premium Format Impact

Let’s talk about a bit of premium!

There has been already discussions on how the clans from Magallanica and Zoo can benefit/use these cards.

For example:

  • Great Nature
    • Can take advantage of multiple Rhinos, Crayon Tigers, and Bigbellies to attack with.
    • You can use Zarzan to enable GB and have those cards on your 1st G3 turn while the opponent is at G2 still.
  • Megacolony
    • Can take advantage of multiple Cyclomatooths, Ant Lions, etc. to attack with.
    • The new G1 from Clan Selection Plus (High Class Moth) can help with the G3 requirement in the Soul to enable those plays.
  • Neo Nectar
    • There are some Token generators that can help aid with the multi attack
  • Granblue
    • Can emulate a 4 Skull Dragon attack turn by reviving the 4 Skull Dragons with Negrobone V and then use Magnolia to have them attack from the back row.
  • Aqua Force
    • Cards like Commander Thavas can enable Charis and Lattice to attack from the back row
    • Cards like George can restand one of your Charis and Lattice for more attacks
    • Cards that require 4 rested units/RGs to gain power like Coral Assault and Beragios can benefit since you’ll have a full field

But Commander Jaime, are these plays actually threatening? Not really, but it’s a possibility and the benefit could increase as we see more support revealed.

Still Need Clarification On Persona Ride

So in Premium, we’ve had instances of cards that perform Superior Rides. Some examples are Bad Bounty and Plegeton.

So the question is, can we still get the Persona Ride benefit if we can superior ride another Magnolia?

Here’s so far the Wiki for Persona Ride:

Notice it just says Ride and the last bullet point points out the need for clarification regarding Superior Riding. Here’s the Wiki for Ride:

As you can see, Ride doesn’t imply Normal Ride. It can be either Normal Ride or Superior Ride. Although, we can only speculate what will end up being the case of Ride for Persona Ride.

In the case that Superior Riding will still give you Persona Ride, then we can take advantage of a stride like Bad Bounty. We can get the 1st stride turn and reride Magnolia during the battle phase. Then Persona Ride activates and now our front row we get an additional +10k and our Magnolia skill can make our 3 back row units attack from the back row.

Now is that really good? Not really because cards like Nightrose and Beatrice enable us multi attack with reviving strong beaters during the battle phase. But I thought I mention the possibility.

Final Thoughts

It’s really exciting to finally start seeing Stoicheia skills! As more reveals come out, I will continue to write more articles!

What excites me about these three cards is that they all have synergy with each other. Furthermore, we can grab Order Cards with Lattice’s skill potentially. D Format is a format that I’m excited to try out with a new fresh mind.

What are your guys’ thoughts so far? Are there other Premium plays that can be cool/strong to do? What do you hope that we get in the remaining reveals?

Till next time amigos! See ya!

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